TV technology has improved tremendously over the years, with the introduction of features like LED, HD resolution, smart TV features, and many more.

The TVs’ pricing has also come down drastically with high-quality 32-inches TVs available for prices under Rs 20K.

The range of TVs on display has also increased manifold, with hundreds of models available on the online/offline Indian market. It can make it challenging to zero in on the ideal 32-inches TV for your home.

We shall discuss such factors in the buying guide that follows the product reviews. Here are some of the perfect 32-inches TV you can have in your living room.

1. OnePlus Y Series 32-inches  HD Ready LED Smart Android TV 32Y1

OnePlus TV is a recent entrant in the TV market, but it has captured public attention because of its exquisite features and attractive pricing. This TV aims to bring quality viewing experiences in the same way the OnePlus smartphone has on the mobile scene.

The excellent features available on this 32-inches smart TV makes it the perfect combo of imagination and intelligence in a compact package.

A color range of DCI-P3 93% featuring a 20% wider color gamut makes the imagery authentic and cinema-like. The powerful Gamma picture engine optimizes your video content in real-time to produce unmatched color quality.

Enjoy high-quality audio while watching your favorite TV shows and movies on this smart TV. Dolby Audio support and 20W box speakers combine to deliver crystal clear sound quality.

The OnePlus 32-inches Y-series TV comes equipped with smart TV features to allow you to choose your favorite content to watch instead of relying on the cable connection guys.

Google Assistant makes it easier for you to search for the best movies, TV shows, and other content comfortably using your voice commands in English, Hindi, and eight other Indian languages.

This OnePlus TV features a range of connectivity options to enable you to link up your smartphones, gaming consoles, and other devices to the TV. The bezel-less design delivers a screen-to-body ratio of 91.4% to make you feel that you are in the midst of the action.

The Shared Album feature lets you relive your old memories by enabling you to share your photos and videos from your smartphone directly on the TV. Oxygen Play comes with high-quality content for the entire family. The Integrated Content Calendar allows you to stay updated with your favorite shows and latest movies with automatic reminders.

2. Mi TV 4A PRO 32-inches HD Ready Android LED TV

If you have any TV to offer competition to the OnePlus TV on the pricing front, it is the Mi TV 4A PRO. The Mi TV features an HD Ready Display to let you enjoy your multimedia content, movies, and other TV shows in good quality and a perfect balance of contrast and brightness.

This Android TV offers comfortable access to entertainment apps from more than 20 content partners, including Netflix, Prime Video, Zee5, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. The PatchWall 3.0 feature comes with content from all apps right on the home page.

The Android 9.0 OS comes with advantages like access to Google Play Store and other features like Google Assistant. The voice assistant helps you search for your favorite content on the thousands of apps available on PlayStore using your voice.

Mi TV features a unique Data Saver feature that helps you access Android TV’s smart features using your smartphone’s hotspot. You can also view your phone’s media on the Mi TV.

The inbuilt Chromecast feature enables you to cast your favorite movies, music, and other content from your smartphone on the Mi TV.

This Mi TV delivers high-quality sound through its powerful 20W speakers and DTS HD support. Thus, you have an audio quality that matches the visual experience. Watching your news channels and other programs becomes convenient because of the high-quality sound output.

The 64-bit Amlogic A53 Quad-core processor features 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage to deliver a power-packed performance. The 7th generation imaging engine eliminates picture noise and delivers professionally calibrated picture quality and a rich range of colors with every single frame.

This Mi TV has an aesthetic appearance with its slim bezels and an attractive presence. It qualifies as the ideal TV to have in your living room and enhance your entertainment quotient to the next level.

3. Samsung 32 inch Wondertainment Series HD Ready LED Smart TV UA32TE40AAKXXL

Trust Samsung to transport your entertainment experience to another level with its high-quality features. This Samsung Wondertainment TV supports HDR that helps brighten up your TV and lets you enjoy a spectrum of colors and visual details.

The Ultra Clean View eliminates distortion and delivers high-quality imagery utilizing an advanced algorithm. This Samsung TV features a PurColor feature to enable the TV to express an exquisite range of colors and offer an optimal picture performance.

The Contrast Enhancer Feature brings flat images to life by adjusting the contrast levels and ensuring good picture quality. Gaming enthusiasts are waiting to play their favorite games on the large screen seamlessly with high-quality graphics.

One of the best smart TV features is the availability of multiple voice assistants. You have a range of voice assistants like Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant to communicate with the TV using your voice commands.

Screen mirroring allows you to cast content from your compatible devices on the 32-inches screen and have a fantastic time. Besides, you can use these voice assistants to control other smart home devices.

The Samsung Wondertainment TV is unique as it features a Personal Computer Mode that enables you to mirror your laptop screen on the TV and work on your MS Office files and documents. You can save and download your files on Home Cloud.

The Samsung TV can double up as a music player by converting into a virtual music system. It makes your beats sound and looks better.

The Live Cast feature allows the broadcasting of live content from anywhere on your TV. You can access hundreds of apps from a curated list and stream them on the TV screen. It becomes convenient to get your favorite content without having to open an app.

4. Onida 32 inch Fire TV Edition HD Ready Smart IPS LED TV 32HIF

Here is an Indian-made TV that can challenge the Chinese models like Mi and OnePlus on the quality aspect and the pricing simultaneously. The Onida Fire TV edition HD Ready smart TV is a pioneering effort as Onida introduces this technology to Indian TVs for the first time.

This TV comes equipped with an inbuilt Wi-Fi to access the internet and bring the best entertainment content in your drawing-room. You can choose your favorite apps from a vast selection of streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and many more channels.

The Lucent Picture Engine provides rich contrast and brilliant colors to produce a breath-taking display. IPS technology allows you to view your TV programs from anywhere in the room without experiencing any distortion.

Onida pays a lot of attention to providing high-quality sound. The 16W speaker output with Dolby and DTS TruSurround Sound technology enables a theater-like experience in your living room.

The Onida TV offers seamless connectivity through its extensive range of connectivity ports, including USB and HDMI.

These Plug & Play options allow you to connect your compatible devices and have a great time watching quality content. Besides, it offers screen mirroring to let you mirror your mobile phone screen on the TV.

Alexa enhances your entertainment experience by making it easy to search for your favorite apps. Instead of typing out on the screen search bar, you can comfortably speak out and communicate with your TV using Alexa. Besides operating your TV, you can use Alexa commands to control other smart home devices.

The multi-core processor and Mali GPU combine to deliver the highest quality of entertainment right inside your living room environment at the most affordable prices.

5. Kodak 32-inch HD Certified Android LED TV, 32HDX7XPRO

Kodak 7XPRO Series 32-inches smart TV brings New York’s finest technology into Indian living rooms to dish out a quality entertainment experience.

The highlighting feature is its 24W speakers, one of the most powerful in TVs in its niche. These speakers ensure that you feel the music and not just listen to it.

Android 9.0 OS makes your TV smarter as you experience the full capability of your TV. You have comfortable access to more than 5000 apps and games on Google PlayStore to ensure that you do not repeat any show as long as you live.

The voice-enabled Bluetooth remote makes it easy to operate the TV and access the apps comfortably.

If you are done playing games on your PC or laptop, you can switch over to the large 32-inches TV screen and enjoy superior gaming visuals. The excellent contrast levels heighten your entertainment experience and make it enjoyable.

You have the Cortex A53 Quad-core processor and Mali450 GPU to enable the TV to run at lightning-fast speeds to enhance the enjoyment quotient. The excellent range of connectivity options makes this Kodak TV one to cherish.

The sleek and ergonomically designed remote fits perfectly into your hands. The dedicated hotkeys for Sony Liv, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Assistance makes it exciting to use.

The enriched screen brightness of up to 500 nits allows vivid picture quality with excellent contrast. Thus, the darkest of scenes from your favorite Harry Potter movies will not be scary anymore.

The clinching factor of the Kodak TV is its sleek design as it transforms your living room’s aesthetics to exotic levels. It is an excellent appliance to have in your drawing-room to keep your family entertained all the while.

Buying Guide for the best 32-inches TV

Buying a 32-inches television is not as easy as it was before. You did not have many options available in the market in the days gone by. But, today, the range of options available is mind-blogging.

Though it is healthy, it can be a headache to select the ideal TV for your home. The fact that the prices have come down drastically makes it all the more challenging for you.

This buying guide will take you through selecting the ideal 32-inches TV to adorn your living room environment.

I have been a great fan of KBC for a long time. Though I never got the chance to play, I am fascinated by the program’s nature as it teaches you how to approach a situation when multiple options are available to choose.

The best way to handle it is the elimination rule. You eliminate the choices that seem inappropriate, thereby leaving you with fewer options. The same logic applies here, as well.

You have decided on a 32-inches TV for your home. Therefore, it eliminates many options that are not available on 32-inches TVs.

Screen Resolution – HD Ready should be OK.

The 32-inches screen size eliminates screen resolution options like 4K and even FHD. Thus, you have a limited range of options to choose from, thereby making it easy for you. The best screen resolution you get in this niche is HD Ready (1366x768p).

It does not offer full HD screen benefits but is still an exciting option to have. You have more than 10 million pixels lighting up the screen to deliver quality images. The HD Ready resolution allows you to watch HD content in 768p resolution and still have a great time enjoying the brilliance.

Display – LED is the ideal option

Though LED is strictly not a display, people call it an LED display. The display panel is LCD, and LED provides the backlighting.

The 32-inches screen takes the QLED, and OLED displays out of the equation. Under the circumstances, LED-LCD is the ideal display available. Today, you do not have the CRT and Plasma technology available.

LED-LCD panels are available in three technologies, NM panel, VA panel, and IPS technology. Though it is rare to find IPS panels in 32-inches TV, you might get the odd model working on this technology. Onida TV features IPS technology.

The advantage of IPS technology is that it offers excellent contrast and enables wide-angle viewing without distortion.

Refresh Rates – 50Hz is the standard.

The refresh rate should not be much of an issue when selecting your 32-inches TV. Almost all TVs feature a refresh rate of 50Hz or 60Hz. Generally, the online video content you enjoy on TV is compatible with the 50Hz refresh rate.

Gaming enthusiasts would love to have higher refresh rates, especially when playing fast online games like PUBG, etc.

HDR – Options are available.

TV technology is improving by the day, with panels getting thinner and better. Technology like HDR allows you to experience the highest contrast levels. It allows you to distinguish between different white and black shades and enables you to get as close to realism as possible.

Though you have Samsung models in this niche, it is not easy to get multi-format HDR support. HLG, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and Advanced HDR are entirely out of the equation.

Some TVs in this niche offer HDR, though it is best reserved for the bigger models. HDR support enhances the overall picture quality to a different degree altogether.

Audio Output – A good experience

Generally, you have slim TVs on offer today that make it challenging to include powerful audio speakers. The market competition also forces TV manufacturers to offer these TVs at the lowest possible prices. Therefore, it is not easy to expect high-quality audio in 32-inches TVs.

Features like Dolby Audio, DTS Virtual X, and DTS TruSurround are available in some of the TV models in this range. These features enable the TV to deliver a high-quality movie theater-like experience in your living room.

The best speaker output you can expect in these TVs is 20 watts. This output should be sufficient for a decent acoustic experience.

However, there are options to connect home theater systems and soundbars to enhance your audio experiences. The availability of such external options masks the shortcomings in audio.

Smart TV – Redefines TV viewing

Smart TVs are the order of the day today. Almost everyone has a smart TV in their homes today. The most exciting aspect of a smart TV is eliminating the cable television guy from the scene. You do not have to depend on cable TV or dish antenna connections any more.

A Broadband connection is all that you need to access your favorite content.

Such smart TVs come equipped with inbuilt Wi-Fi connections. Even if you do not have an inbuilt Wi-Fi connection option, you can use external streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Reliance Jio Fiber connections to stream quality content.

Smart TVs feature robust processors and even graphic processors to deliver excellent viewing experiences. Such TVs feature up to 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. These features enable quick booting and excellent multitasking.

Different TV manufacturers offer different operating systems on their TVs. The Android OS is the most common and popular, as well. LG TVs work on WebOS, whereas the Samsung models work on Tizen OS.

Samsung Tizen OS

These operating systems offer access to their respective Play Store for online content. Besides, these TVs offer a range of pre-installed apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, and many more.

Among the operating systems, Android OS offers the maximum access to content apps and games because of Google Play Store. In comparison, WebOS and Tizen OS do not have such extensive options.

People are comfortable using Android OS because they have these systems on their smartphones. However, WebOS and Tizen OS are better on the user-friendly front.

Smart TVs come with various exclusive features besides offering excellent viewing content. Screen mirroring is one option that many people love to have on TVs. It enables them to cast content from their smartphones on the TV screen and enjoy watching movies and listening to music on a grand scale.

These TVs also feature Bluetooth connectivity to enable you to connect your Bluetooth speakers/headphones, home theater systems, soundbars, and other compatible devices.

The availability of smart voice assistants on these smart TVs is what people cherish. It becomes convenient for you to search for content online because you do not have to type out long words on the search bar using the uncomfortable keyboard on the screen.

You can communicate with the TV using your voice and search for the content by speaking into the inbuilt microphone on the remote.

Though each OS has its voice assistants, today’s smart TVs are compatible with multiple voice assistants. You have excellent options like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, and a lot more.

Many users complain about being unable to access their favorite content on smart TVs immediately. The cable TVs or the dish antenna equipped TVs allow you to memorize the channel numbers and access them almost instantly.

In smart TVs, you have to access the app and search for your relevant content. It takes time to do so. Hence, many smart TVs offer specific hotkeys on the remote that allows users to access their content instantly. Generally, you have such smart hotkeys for popular channels/apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and even Google Assistant.

Another advantage of smart TVs is that you can watch content whenever and as many times as you want. You can rewind content if you have missed some part of the action. You can pause the program anytime and resume watching it even after a couple of days. The internal memory available in these TVs stores the programs and allows you this comfort.

Today, you have the latest film releases available on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Besides delivering quality pictures and sound, you can watch them multiple times without incurring any additional cost.

However, you might have to subscribe to these OTT apps. They come with comfortable annual payments and auto-debit options for renewal to make it easier for the user.

Samsung TV offers you the option to use your Wondertainment Series TV as a personal computer. The PC mode enables you to mirror your laptop/PC content and work on office documents and files. Access to Home Cloud allows you to download files from the cloud, work on them, and save them again.

Connectivity Options – The more, the merrier

Though these smart TVs come equipped with inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity features, there is always room to have multiple connectivity options in the form of HDMI and USB ports. Besides, TVs require audio jacks and SPDIF ports. Co-axial optical ports are also available on many TVs in this range.

Having a minimum of two/three HDMI ports and two USB ports allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. You can keep your home theater system, soundbars, and even Xbox consoles connected all the time. It is also possible for you to connect your smartphones to the TV and watch its contents on the large screen.

Pricing – Exciting options on the anvil

Generally, the reputed brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung are expensive compared to the low-priced models like Mi, OnePlus, and Kodak. With technology improving by the day, TV prices have come down drastically. You can land your favorite 32-inches TV at prices in the range of 15K.

Final Thoughts

This buying guide should have simplified the task of purchasing the ideal 32-inches TV for your home. The exquisite range of options available makes it challenging, but it is a good sign as it brings in the competition.

The user benefits in the end because TV manufacturers include excellent features to remain in the race. Market studies show that the 32-inches TV is the most sought after by Indian households today.

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