A 50-inches TV is a magnificent appliance to have in your living room. It was not possible to have such a large TV in the days gone by because you did not have 50-inches cathode ray tubes.

Today, the CRT and Plasma TVs are no longer available. The emergence of new technology, like LED, OLED, and QLED, has revolutionized the TV manufacturing industry and made it possible to have massive screens.

Technological improvements have made TVs cheaper than ever before, with 50-inches branded TVs coming under Rs 50K, and the less expensive ones at prices as low as Rs 35K.

With almost every TV available on the market qualifying as a smart TV, it has become challenging to select the home’s ideal one. We shall look at the aspects one needs to keep in mind when buying a 50-inches TV in India. However, some product reviews help you get a feel of what to expect in such televisions.

1. Samsung 50 inch Wondertainment Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV UA50TUE60AKXXL

Samsung Wondertainment Series TVs are available in various sizes, starting from 32 inches and extending to even 65 inches. This 50-inches model takes your entertainment experience to the next level with features like 4K UHD resolution, HDR compatibility, smart TV features, etc.

Crystal 4K UHD offers perfect picture quality by optimizing color expression. 4K resolution and HDR combine to deliver one of the most unforgettable television viewing experiences.

Samsung TVs add to the attraction quotient with Ambient Mode, allowing you to project your favorite photos on the TV to blend into your home décor elegantly.

This TV draws its power from a robust crystal 4K processor to orchestrate color, optimize high contrast ratio, and master HDR. Multiple voice assistants enhance the smart TV experience by enabling you to communicate with the TV conveniently.

The Game enhancer feature allows gaming professionals to enjoy games seamlessly with high-quality graphics. Watch exciting content from your smartphone on the large TV screen using the screen mirroring feature. You can use the Live Cast feature to broadcast live content from anywhere.

The highlight of this Samsung TV is that you can use it as your PC monitor and carry on with your official work by downloading files and folders from Home Cloud. The Music Player Mode is innovative as you convert the entire TV screen into a virtual music system.

You can access a range of OTT apps using the Tizen OS. The apps on display include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, etc.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Adequate connectivity options
  • Attractive design


  • Tizen OS does not offer as many OTT apps as Google PlayStore

2. LG 50 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, 50UM7290PTD

This 50-inches LED TV comes equipped with a 4K UHD display capable of delivering four times the resolution of an FHD TV.

The 4K IPS display enables more realistic 4K images with vivid color on the IPS display. IPS allows wide-angled viewing to keep you enthralled as its displays 100% color accuracy from every angle. This TV supports 4K Active HDR to deliver accurate images with fantastic realism.

The inbuilt speakers on this LG TV allow you to enjoy multi-dimensional, flawless audio from all angles to give it an authentic surround sound effect.

The LG UM Series television works on the strength of a fast and accurate quad-core processor that eliminates picture noise to deliver more contrast and dynamic color. This processor can detect the minutest of differences to have sharper and more realistic pictures.

LG WebOS Store allows access to a range of exciting entertainment apps, including Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime, among a host of others.

ThinQ AI voice assistant compatibility enables you to manage the controls using voice commands. This TV supports Google Assistant and comes with an inbuilt Alexa compatibility feature.

You can watch content from your smartphones on the large TV screen as this TV connects seamlessly with all your compatible devices. Apple AirPlay 2 connectivity allows you to connect your iPhones and iPads to the TV and play movies and music directly on the large screen.

Accessing all your connected devices is easy as the Home Dashboard feature enables seamless connection with all compatible devices from a single remote screen. 2-way Bluetooth compatibility lets you connect your home theater system, soundbar, or Bluetooth headphones to the TV.


  • Outstanding picture quality and overall performance
  • Incredible smart TV features
  • A fantastic range of connectivity options


  • Magic Remote is not available along with the package.
  • WebOS is good but offers a limited range of apps compared to Google Play Store

3. Mi TV 4X 50-inches 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV

The general impression is that a 50-inches TV should cost more than Rs 50K. Mi TVs are different as they shatter the glass ceiling and offer equivalent technology and performance at prices much lower than 50K.

This Mi TV does not compromise on quality as it offers a 4K display with HDR compatibility. The 10-bit panel can produce more than 1.07 billion colors to deliver flawless picture quality.

Xiaomi’s Vivid Picture Engine delivers exquisite color accuracy and vibrancy as you revel in the image quality. This TV has acoustic support to the stunning visuals in 20W output speakers with Dolby and DTS-HD support. Hence, you experience a complete entertainment package.

Amongst all OS, Android seems to be the favorite of people because of the widespread use of Android smartphones globally. This smart TV’s stand-out feature is the access it offers to the Google Play Store and the thousands of app content available on it.

You get to watch an extensive range of 4K content on various apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Sun NXT, Voot, Zee5, and many more. Besides, the Android 9.0 OS allows you to download games from PlayStore and have a whale of a time.

The Live News Mode makes it easier for those following current affairs issues as this channel caters to a variety of news channels across multiple Indian languages. The Carousel Mode makes it easy for you to search for your favorite content across all categories.

The Mi Data Saver mode is a highlighting feature where you can watch up to three times more interesting content with the same mobile data. This feature also allows casting to Mi TV without consuming any data.

Google Assistant services make it convenient for you to control your entertainment and access important information using your voice commands.

Mi TVs work on a robust 64-bit power-efficient Amlogic Cortex A53 processor. The excellent range of connectivity ports available on this TV makes it a handy appliance in your living room.

The Mi Remote is simple to use as it displays dual operational modes. It is compatible with dual-band Wi-Fi and supports Bluetooth v4.2.


  • Incredible features at the most competitive price
  • Access to an extensive range of apps through the Play Store
  • Breath-taking design


  • The sound system needs improvement.

4. Hisense 50 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV 50A71F

Hisense is another low-priced 50-inches TV that competes with the Mi and Sanyo models on an even keel. This TV provides Dolby Vision HDR, a frame-by-frame processing technology, to bring out the ultimate brightness, color, and contrast.

The LED display features an Ultra Vivid panel to distinguish between the brighter whites and darker blacks to offer a dynamic TV viewing experience. The Ultra Dimming feature enhances the picture contrast considerably to provide a high degree of clarity.

Gamers would rejoice to play their favorite HDR games as this TV supports multiple HDR formats in all inputs.

On the acoustics front, this TV is right there at the top as it delivers powerful sound and supports Dolby Atmos. Thus, you feel as if you are in the midst of all the action.

Android OS allows free access to multiple apps, games, and other content. Besides, it enables casting from compatible devices. The Voice Assistant feature enables you to communicate with the TV and also control other smart devices seamlessly.

One of the Hisense 50-inches TV’s sterling qualities is the UHD AI Up-scaler that upscales FHD content to match 4K-like picture quality. The Noise Reduction mode reduces picture noise and enhances overall picture clarity.

Sports Mode and Game Mode are other useful features available on this model.

This TV offers one-touch access on the remote for your favorite apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, and YouTube. Besides supporting dual-band Wi-Fi, this TV is compatible with Bluetooth Audio.


  • Dolby Vision enhances picture quality.
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Full value for money.


  • Users have reported customer service issues.
  • It does not support HDR10+

5. Sanyo 50 inch Kaizen Series 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV, XT-50UHD4S

If you have a Chinese model offering 50-inches TVs at low prices, the Japanese do not lag either. The Sanyo Kaizen Series 50-inches LED TV brings the best Japanese technology to deliver high-quality entertainment at extremely competitive prices.

The Kaizen Series brings you the ultimate Android experience by providing convenient access to your favorite video-streaming apps like Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

The intuitive user experience and personal Google Assistant are the remarkable highlights of this TV’s exemplary performance. It comes powered with a high-quality quad-core CPU and a triple-core GPU to hasten booting times.

The 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage enables seamless multitasking and enhances booting speeds considerably.

The 4K UHD display supports HDR10 and HLG to reproduce more than 1.07 billion colors accurately. The high-quality display allows you to watch the TV from almost all angles.

This TV ensures displaying the optimal picture quality as the Miro Dimming technology analyzes the video content in 1296 separate zones to adjust the picture’s brightness and darkness levels. Hence, enjoying dark scenes is an absolute delight on this Tv.

Other smart TV features include the Voice Search capability feature using Google Assistant and the inbuilt Chromecast function to cast content from compatible devices on the 50-inches TV screen.

The excellent range of connectivity apps includes three HDMI ports and a couple of USB ports to help you multitask without having to switch cables. Besides, this TV supports Bluetooth connectivity.

The Audio Link technology connects your smartphone to the TV and lets you enjoy music on the loud TV speakers. You can also switch off the TV screen to have an interruption-free experience.

Dolby Audio Digital ensures superior acoustics with the 20W speakers. You can also connect your home theater systems to the TV through the HDMI port and enjoy a theater-like experience right inside your living room.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Remarkable processor with adequate RAM and memory
  • Fantastic connectivity features


  • The Wall mount arrangement does not come with the TV package.
  • Users have reported hanging at times.

Features to expect in a 50-inches TV

A 50-inches TV is a massive appliance that can take a lot of space on your living room wall. The size entails that you have enough viewing space in the room. The heartening aspect of LED TVs is that the images are visible with excellent clarity even if you sit close to the TV.

It is not the case with traditional LCD screens. However, you should look at various other features before investing in the ideal 50-inches TV for your home.

The aesthetics are crucial.

Your 50-inches TV is a showpiece by itself. Guests might come to admire the massive size and soak in the entertainment value it provides. Hence, your TV should have a dazzling appearance and blend with your other interior décor.

All the TVs we have reviewed above display outstanding aesthetics and score high on the attraction quotient.

Technological advancements have made TVs slimmer today to enhance their overall appearance. You have options to mount the TV on the wall or place it on a table using the TV stand. Either way, these TVs look great.

The Screen Resolution defines the picture quality.

The massive 50-inches screen allows you to go for the 4K UHD (3840x2160p) resolution, the best available on the market today.

Today, you have many 4K content available on various OTT apps like Netflix, Voot, etc. The best aspect of 4K UHD TVs is displaying excellent content with exquisite sharpness in color and contrast.

Almost all TVs in the 50-inches bracket support HDR, thereby ensuring a commendable range of blacks and whites along with a wholesome color range.

The multi-format HDR support distinguishes between different shades of the same color to deliver optimized content with exceptional contrast levels.

LED display of the highest quality

The 50-inches screen size allows room for having QLED displays on TVs, but the TVs we have reviewed here do not come with QLED displays. OLED displays are out of the question. However, LG does have a 48-inches TV with an OLED display. All other OLED displays are 55-inches and above.

LED provides the most durable display performances today. One should be aware that LED is the backlighting technology/feature, whereas the actual display is an LCD screen.

As LEDs have higher brightness and contrast levels compared to CCFL bulbs, they are preferable any day.

The 50-inches size allows you to go for the best LED panels in LED IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology. The advantage of IPS is that it makes the TV slimmer. Secondly, it provides better color and contrast range.

The best feature of IPS is that it offers a wide-angled view stretching up to even 178 degrees.

Expect useful audio features in 50-inches TVs.

50-inches TVs are considered showpieces at home. Hence they generally come with decent audio systems capable of delivering quality audio performances to match the incredible visuals. You can expect Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual X support on all 50-inches models.

As far as speakers are concerned, it is challenging to include more than two front-facing speakers of around 10W to 15W each on these TVs. However, Dolby Audio and other features help to magnify the sound and provide a movie theater-like experience.

You can always connect Home Theatre and soundbars to the TV using HDMI cables or Bluetooth to deliver a surround sound experience.

Smart TV features to watch out for

Smart TVs have become the norm today, with every TV in the 50-inches size range being a smart TV. Hence, these TVs come equipped with robust processors. Generally, they have quad-core CPUs with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage.

Some TVs offer an additional triple-core GPU to deliver a better graphics performance. These features ensure minimum booting times and allow comfortable multitasking.

The operating system plays a game-changing role in accessing the various entertainment apps. Each manufacturer offers their specific OS, such as LG’s WebOS and Samsung’s Tizen OS. However, Android OS is still the all-time favorite.

All these operating systems offer seamless access to their respective Play Store to access and download entertainment content. Though WebOS is the easiest one to use, Android OS provides the maximum apps for viewing.

All smart TVs feature inbuilt Chromecast or other similar facilities that allow you to cast content from your smartphones on large TV screens. These smart televisions connect to the internet through dual-band Wi-Fi. Besides, these TVs display Bluetooth connectivity and useful connectivity options like HDMI and USB ports.

The voice assistant is a crucial aspect of smart TVs as they help you search for your favorite content using your voice commands. You need a compatible remote to recognize your voice and transmit it to the TV using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology.

Android TVs offer Google Assistant compatibility to connect to and control other smart home devices. Similarly, these TVs are also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Final Thoughts

It should be easy for you to select the ideal 50-inches TV to adorn your living room wall. Purchase the one you are most comfortable with. We have reviewed a range of TVs in this niche to simplify your selection process. It will help you focus on the right features and select the best TV to magnify your entertainment experience to levels never reached before.

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