The bigger your TV, the better is the entertainment value it provides. Simultaneously, it comes with advanced features and naturally costs more.

However, technology has improved to such a level that you get quality 55-inches TVs in the price band of Rs 55K to 60K. That should be the ideal budget for such TVs.

Selecting your ideal 55-inches TV is not easy because these TVs come with advanced technologies that you might not be conversant with comfortably. Our buying guide discusses all aspects in detail to make it simple for you to choose the best one for your home.

The heartening aspect of these 55-inches TVs is that you have reputed brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, and Sanyo displaying their products with tremendous pride. The features available on these models can tempt anyone to invest whole-heartedly and acquire the best TV for their domestic entertainment.

Here are some of the reputed 55-inches TV available on the Indian online market.

1. Sony Bravia 55inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV KD-55X7002G

Sony is the epitome of quality in the entertainment world. This Sony Bravia model is not different in any way as it brings home crystal clear pictures with detailed and refined sound and delivers a movie theater-like experience in your living room.

4K HDR offers one of the most realistic experiences because it provides more profound and richer colors on display. 4K X-Reality Pro works to upscale FHD content to as close to 4K as possible and enhance the entertainment value.

Triluminos Display lets you experience vivid, real-world colors all around you. Fast and action-packed scenes look great on this Sony Bravia as the Motion Flow XR feature maintains the continuity and does not cause image stuttering to happen.

If you are a compulsive gamer, you will love to play your latest online games on 4K HDR Gaming mode on this Bravia TV.

Sony Bravia is one of the few models to emphasize delivering high-quality audio. Features like Bass Reflex speakers deliver a punchy bass. Clear Audio+ technology, Clear Phase Audio, Dolby Audio Support, and 5-Force Front Surround deliver an exhilarating acoustic experience.

The Linux-based OS ensures a scintillating smart experience with easy access to all your favorite content and services. You get a decent array of the top OTT apps loaded to provide high entertainment value.

Other smart TV features include screen mirroring, one-button access remote, and smart plug & play for your compatible mobile devices.

On the aesthetics angle, this TV ranks at the top because of its elegant design and the slim/classy stand with cable concealing features. X-Protection PRO protects this TV from external issues like lightning, short circuits, moisture, and dust.


  • Excellent quality performance that you can rely on every time
  • Extensive range of apps to choose
  • Utility smart TV features


  • Linux-based OS is inferior to Android OS in terms of usage.
  • It has a limited range of OTT apps on display.

2. Mi TV 4X 55-inch Ultra HD Android LED

Xiaomi has revolutionized the TV industry by offering quality TV equipment at comparatively low prices without compromising quality. This Mi TV 4X comes with the latest Android OS to ensure seamless access to a whole range of apps on the Google Play Store.

If you love to witness true to life colors, this Mi TV 4X should be the ideal one to have in your living room. The 10-bit panel produces a stunning 1.07 billion colors to offer a remarkable viewing experience. Xiaomi’s Virtual Private engine collaborates to deliver exquisite color accuracy.

This TV supports Dolby and DTS-HD sound to complement the extraordinary visuals and complete your entertainment experience. Thus, it is ideally designed for the audiophile in you.

Android OS ensures that you get the full advantage of Google PlayStore by accessing a whole range of entertainment apps and games. Netflix and Prime Video are some of the common OTT apps you have on display on this TV.

Besides Wi-Fi, this TV allows you to access the internet through your smartphone hotspot connection. The Data Saver pack enables you to view thrice the amount of content you usually do with the Wi-Fi. Google Assistant is available 24×7 to offer its services and help control and manage the TV.

The Mi TV offers a multitude of connectivity ports in HDMI, USB, and SPDIF. The high-quality Amlogic 64-bit quad-core processor makes this TV a powerful performer. Users can avail the advantages of the Mi remote that is compatible with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.2.


  • Excellent performance at the lowest prices
  • Extensive range of entertainment apps for download and view
  • Robust panel and color reproduction


  • It has issues playing Netflix and Amazon Prime when connected to the soundbar using Bluetooth.
  • Customer service issues persist.

3. OnePlus 55 inch Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV, 55Q1ON

A slim TV looks elegant on the wall but has to compromise with certain features, like a quality audio system. Such TVs generally work well with a soundbar or a home theater system attached to them.

OnePlus Q1 Series recognizes this issue and includes a sliding soundbar fitted to the TV to enhance your acoustic experiences.

This TV comes with a QLED display that takes your viewing experience to the next level. Features like Gamma Color Magic provides a high color gamut with NTSC 120% color reproduction and 4K resolution.

Besides, Dolby Vision contributes to the overall performance and makes this TV the most sought after in its niche.

The noise cancellation feature enhances the display quality by eliminating picture noise. 4K super-resolution images redefine viewing as never before. Dynamic contrast brings out every detail in the image to deliver crystal clear images.

Dolby Vision HDR enhances the brightness levels to provide more excellent contrast and extraordinary color reproduction.

This OnePlus TV features a sliding soundbar equipped with eight speakers to deliver a punchy 50W sound output.

The speaker setup includes four full-range speakers and two tweeters for delivering high notes. Two 10W subwoofers complete the setup by offering dynamic sound to complement the incredible visuals.

This OnePlus TV is built on the Android TV platform. Thus, you have unlimited access to Google Play Store for your viewing content. Google Assistant is ready to serve your commands and control other smart home devices connected to it.

The indigenous Oxygen Play feature present on the OnePlus TV is a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs. This TV features a dynamic remote with minimal buttons to lend a futuristic touch while performing all the necessary functions efficiently.

The OnePlus Connect app is an ideal replacement for the remote as you can control and manage TV operations by connecting your smartphone to the TV. This OnePlus model is the perfect example of a combination of imagination and intelligence.


  • QLED display provides out-of-the-world performance.
  • Android OS is a dream to use.
  • High-quality sound from the sliding soundbar


  • SD up-scaling is not as expected.
  • The table-top stand is not part of the standard installation.

4. Samsung 55 inch Wondertainment Series 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV, UA55TUE60AKBXL

Samsung provides the sleekest TV models in India to enhance the overall living room ambiance while delivering compelling performances to enhance entertainment levels.

The Wondertainment Series TVs come in different screen sizes, with the 55-inches model as one of the most sought-after models in the country.

The primary highlight is the Crystal 4K UHD display that lets you see every subtlety by optimizing color expression to the maximum. It is ably supported by the Crystal Processor 4K, a single chip that orchestrates color and optimizes high contrast while mastering HDR to boost the viewing experience.

While the TV delivers an impressive visual experience, the Ambient Mode enhances the attractiveness quotient by enabling you to project your favorite photos on the TV screen. Thus, it blends into your décor elegantly and does not look like a TV until you switch it on.

The combination of 4K and HDR  offers sharp and crisp images that your eyes deserve. The magnificent spectrum of colors and visual details can keep you glued to the TV for hours on end. High-quality graphics guarantee a seamless gaming experience.

This Tizen OS has its voice assistant in Bixby, but this TV is also compatible with Google Assistant. The inbuilt Alexa voice assistant can access content, get answers, and control your TV. It is fantastic to find your smartphone working together with the smart TV to maximize your entertainment levels.

For a change, you can use the TV screen as a PC monitor to tap into your office computers and work on Office 365 documents. Home Cloud offers the ideal storing space for your files and folders.

Convert your TV screen into a virtual music system in the Music Player mode. The Live Cast feature enables broadcasting your experiences from anywhere at any time on your TV. This smart TV provides access to a massively curated content list from the thousands of streaming channels available on Tizen.


  • Aesthetic design and exemplary performance
  • Unmatched 4K video quality in its pricing range
  • Tizen software is user-friendly.


  • The acoustic performance needs improvement, especially if you have a large space

5. LG 55-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV 55UM7290PTD, Ceramic BK

LG has some excellent 55-inches TV models up its sleeve, with this UM Series 2019 model occupying pride of place in the list. This TV is a power-packed model with exciting features like AI Smart TV, 4K Active HDR, and DTS Virtual X Sound, and all rolled into one.

4K resolution is the happening thing in the TV industry as more content is now available in 4K. The advantage is that this resolution is four times better than the already impressive FHD resolution. Hence, you cannot imagine the picture clarity unless you experience it.

IPS technology keeps you enthralled with its incredible realism as it displays 100% color accuracy and provides a distortion-free viewing experience from the widest of angles. 4K Active HDR enhances color reproduction by delivering accurate images that linger in the mind for hours.

Generally, you find TV manufacturers compromising with the audio features when delivering impeccable picture quality. This LG TV is different, as it supports DTS Virtual X to deliver multi-dimensional audio on the inbuilt speakers.

The powerful quad-core processor creates dynamic color contrasts as it eliminates all picture noise to deliver precise color accuracy. WebOS allows access to your favorite content from a range of apps like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and many more.

Apple Airplay 2 feature connects your iPhones and iPads to enable you to play videos and music directly on the 55-inches TV screen. Bluetooth compatibility allows seamless connection using your Bluetooth-enabled headphones, HTS, and soundbars.

The ThinQ AI features include a built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant to expand your viewing experience. Google Assistant services are also available at your beck and call.


  • Enhanced viewing experience
  • Magnificent IPS display
  • Overall, a commendable performance


  • You have to buy the Magic Remote option separately.

Features To Focus On When Purchasing a 55-inches TV

When you are purchasing a 55-inches TV, you naturally deserve the best because it involves spending a lot of money. You have to make the right choice regarding display, resolution, smart TV features, audio performance, and most importantly, the budget.

It can be a tremendous challenge to arrive at the most preferred combination. This buying guide focuses only on these critical aspects to help you decide better.

Screen Resolution – Expect the best on offer.

Today is the age of 4K resolution. The quantity of content available in 4K is increasing by the day. With technology moving fast towards 8K resolution, it should be ideal for preparing ourselves to experience the best technology.

4K UHD resolution is magnificent as it marks a tremendous shift from FHD resolution. One must concede that FHD itself is an excellent resolution to have on a TV.

4K UHD is four times better. It should give you an inkling of the quality to expect in such a TV.

Other factors like HDR support add to the entertainment quotient. Today, you have 4K 55-inches TVs supporting multiple HDR formats like HDR10, HLG, and many more.

It brings out the perfect combination of brilliant color, incredible brightness, and dynamic contrast to ensure an out-of-the-world viewing experience.

Display – OLED/QLED is the way forward.

LED LCD is the preferred display for a long time now. It has its benefits and drawbacks, but one cannot deny its utility factor in any way.

However, the technology always offers tremendous scope for improvement. Samsung has introduced a new concept, QLED, an improved version of LED where you have millions of pixels working on Quantum Dot technology to deliver exceptional display performance.

Samsung Qled TV

QLED is the next big thing in TV technology, but it still depends on an LED backlighting source for its illumination.

LG has gone one step ahead and introduced OLED, a technology of its own that does not require any separate backlighting. OLED represents organic light-emitting diodes that produce their illumination. Hence, you get the darkest of blacks with OLED.

LG Oled TV

QLED is a new technology and hence a bit expensive when it comes to comparing LCD-LED TVs. Generally, QLED and OLED require large screen sizes for delivering flawless performances.

Though Samsung offers a 32-inches QLED TV, this technology is best reserved for screen sizes 55-inches and above.

On the budget front, 55-inches QLEDs TVs are expensive compared to their LED-LCD counterparts. OnePlus offers a 55-inches QLED TV in the range of Rs 85K to Rs 90K, whereas Samsung QLED TVs are more expensive.

55-inches OLED TVs cost more than a lakh and a half. It will take some time before the prices reduce and stabilize.

Smart TV Features – TVs are becoming smarter by the day.

All 55-inches TVs are smart TVs, with each manufacturer introducing its operating system.

LG has its WebOS, whereas Sony Bravia works on Linux. Samsung offers Tizen OS, while Android is the perennial favorite.

The availability of external devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband connection enables you to convert any OS to Android and enjoy the best of both features.

Android OS is easy to use because people are accustomed to using it on their smartphones. It offers access to Google PlayStore and a whole lot of entertainment apps and games.

WebOS is comparatively more user-friendly than Android but does not provide the same kind of app downloading ability. Tizen OS is also one of the best to use.

All TVs offer popular apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, and many more. However, you should note that all these apps cost money because you have to renew subscriptions annually.

Samsung TV Tizen OS

Smart TVs come with excellent features like inbuilt Chromecast or Miracast features where you can cast content from your smartphones and other connected devices to the large 55-inches TV screen.

Another excellent feature available in 55-inches TVs is access to multiple voice assistants. Each OS offers its voice assistant services. WebOS offers ThinQ AI, whereas Android provides Google Assistant.

Almost all TVs in this niche come with inbuilt Amazon Alexa compatibility. Thus, controlling and operating the TV becomes convenient. These voice assistants also help control other smart home devices.

TVs like Samsung offer facilities to use your TV screen as a PC monitor. Other TVs also offer screen mirroring facilities that help you work on Office 365 files. Some of the TVs also provide cloud storage.

Audio Performances – Expect a much-improved performance

55-inches TVs are massive equipment that offers sufficient space to include quality speakers.

Technologies like Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, DTS Virtual X, and others help enhance acoustic performances to levels never attained before.

You can also link your external devices like headphones, home theater systems, soundbars, etc., to the TV using HDMI ports or Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy an excellent audio experience.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a 55-inches TV for your home is a tricky business, but you can land the best one if you have sufficient awareness of the features available on such TVs. This buying guide should have made it easy for you to decide on the right model to adorn your living room environment and enhance its overall ambiance to new, exciting levels.

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