With technology improving by the day, there is tremendous competition among electronic appliance manufacturers to produce quality products at affordable rates.

TV manufacturers offer the best technologies when it comes to picture quality. In the process of maintaining the pricing, the audio system always takes a backseat. Hence, you find the latest TVs not coming equipped with quality audio infrastructure.

Therefore, you see people investing in independent soundbars to get the theater-like effect when watching films and other TV programs.

Soundbars can deliver excellent acoustic performances to equal the ones you experience in cinema theaters. You can connect these appliances to TVs, computers, and music systems to experience a different level of acoustic performance.

Purchasing the best soundbar needs you to understand how it functions. It enables you to know the soundbar’s features better, and thus, make a better choice. Meanwhile, we discuss some excellent soundbar models available on the Indian eCommerce market scene.

1. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote

Soundbars are compact systems capable of delivering high-quality acoustic performances. Bose sound systems are the best in the field of acoustics. These soundbars are engineered to reproduce everything from dialogue to details with excellent clarity.

The Bose soundbar features a dialog mode that makes it easy to hear every word. It enables you to augment your HD visuals with matching sound quality.

The deeper bass allows you to enjoy distinct dialog, richer soundtracks, and effects. This mode makes it easy for you to understand every word to adjust the volume from scene to scene.

One of the best qualities of the Bose soundbar is its flexible placement. Its versatility allows you to place the appliance on a shelf or mount it on the wall.

Setting up the Bose soundbar is easy. You can comfortably connect the system to your TV with the audio cable, analog or coaxial, depending on your preference. The soundbar can detect which type you use.

Another excellent feature is the universal remote that allows you to control your Blu-ray player and gaming systems. Besides, you have this soundbar compatible with Bluetooth. This remote controlling option has features to control the bass while watching TV.

This Bose soundbar has aesthetic looks to enhance the overall living room ambiance. It gels beautifully with your other electronic equipment in the house. It is an ideal appliance to increase your entertainment levels.


  • Good product, especially for a mid-size room
  • Universal remote is excellent for controlling the soundbar.
  • IR Blaster helps control multiple devices.


  • There are no controlling buttons on the soundbar.

2. Sony HT-S350 2.1Ch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Sony is a world leader in manufacturing electronic products. Hence, it is not surprising that you have a Sony soundbar as one of India’s best soundbars. Despite looking discreet, this Sony soundbar packs impressive performance. Your favorite music tracks never sounded better.

This Sony soundbar features a powerful wireless subwoofer with a large 16cm speaker and 25L volume to deliver richer and more resonant bass sound. The S-Force PRO Front Surround Feature brings the cinema theater experience to your drawing-room without the need for additional rear speakers.

Bluetooth connectivity enables you to stream your favorite music tracks from your smartphone and have a great time.

This soundbar connects to your Sony Bravia TV using Bluetooth. The wall-mountable design complements your TV design to enhance the aesthetic quotient.

This soundbar is a durable piece of equipment as it features a tactile punched metal finish on its front panels. The presence of the large duct on the Subwoofer emphasizes the unit’s impeccable performance.

You can use the HDMI cable to send and control information from your TV to the soundbar. This appliance connects to a range of TVs as it connects using the optical input. The availability of seven different sound modes enhances your entertainment experience.

The Cinema Mode is ideal for watching movies, whereas the Game mode is perfect for gaming. Besides, you have a music mode to let you listen to every musical note, and the Sports mode finetunes the ambient crowd noise.


  • It supports Dolby sound.
  • Connecting to the TV and smartphone is convenient.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is an advantage.


  • It connects to TV having HDMI ARC port only.

3. boAt Aavante Bar 1800 120W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar

The boAt Aavante soundbar with its wireless Subwoofer delivers more bass and better thump to ensure an out-of-the-world acoustic experience. The side-firing construction ensures that each note is clear and reaches every corner of your room.

The 2.1 channel soundbar delivers deep and thrilling bass and brings out every musical note to the fore. This soundbar is compatible with Bluetooth V5.0 and connects seamlessly to your compatible smart devices.

Besides Bluetooth, this appliance offers multiple connectivity modes like USB, AUX, Coaxial, HDMI, and optical. This soundbar comes with an excellent remote that allows smooth and easy controlling options.

You can also use the controlling options present on the appliance to make it an ideal music hearing option.

On the one hand, this appliance delivers an impressive performance, and on the other, it has an exquisite design with a premium finish. This sophisticated device lends a touch of class and makes the perfect style statement in any modern home.

The different pre-set modes available on this soundbar allows you to choose between exquisite options like Music, Movie, Mews, and 3D. Thus, you have a fantastic audio system on hand to experience your favorite music and other programs on TV.


  • Good bass performance
  • An excellent range of connectivity ports
  • Well-rounded speakers make this soundbar attractive.


  • The remote control option needs improvement.

4. boAt Aavante Bar-1160 60W Bluetooth Soundbar

There is nothing like music to bring relief from the tensions that life presents you with daily. This boAt Aavante Bar Bluetooth soundbar brings your home to life with its Nirvana-like performance.

The four 2.25-inches dynamic drivers deliver one of the most powerful acoustic performances. The 60W boAt signature sound is the highlighting feature of this soundbar.

The pre-set equalizer modes allow you to enjoy the best of music, movies, news, and 3D sound as this soundbar endeavors to bring the cinema-theater like sound to your living room.

The 2.0 channel sound system provides a balanced sound and deep bass for your music and video games, whereby you can experience the cinematic sound quality you have been yearning to do.

Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible for you to connect the soundbar to your compatible devices and have an excellent time listening to your favorite music from your smartphones and other similar devices.

Besides, this device also offers wired connections to enable you to stay plugged in for a fantastic experience. The powerful 60W total output amplifies every aspect of your entertainment and brings your home to life.


  • Decent performance and good sound quality
  • Bluetooth compatibility is an advantageous feature.
  • Bass lovers will admire this soundbar for its bass performance.


  • The auto switch-off feature can be annoying at times.
  • boAt does not have any official service center number.

5. Mi Soundbar with 8-speaker Drivers

You can trust Mi to offer the highest levels of performance at the most exciting pricing. This Mi Soundbar offers a thrilling cinematic sound experience and is the perfect TV companion.

The elegant design combined with the powerful sound delivery takes the audio performance to the next level.

This soundbar features eight sound drivers to deliver excellent sound in the frequency range of 50Hz to 25000Hz. It covers the entire spectrum of sound in each media, so each note is clear and far-reaching. It allows you to magnify your audio experience with resonant bass, clean mids, and crisp trebles.

The enhanced bass brings the cinematic experience at home. Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect to your smartphone and TV. Apart from Bluetooth, this soundbar offers multiple connectivity options, including S/PDIF, optical, Aux-in, and line-in connectivity ports to connect to other devices.

Setting up this soundbar system is easy as it supports both wall and table-top installation. This lightweight and compact system are one of the easiest to use. The minimalistic design looks classy and gels beautifully with the living-room ambiance.


  • The pricing is always an exciting feature in Mi products.
  • The audio quality is decent.
  • It consumes less space.


  • There is no remote controlling option.
  • An optical cable is necessary for connecting to your TV, primarily if your TV does not support Bluetooth.

6. Sony-HT-RT3-Real 5.1ch Dolby Audio Soundbar Home Theater System

If purest movie sound is what you would like to have in your drawing-room, this Sony HT-RT3 soundbar should be ideal. It brings movies to life with a power output of 600W and 5.1 channels of authentic surround sound.

An external subwoofer and strategically-placed rear speakers add the necessary bass to the action sequences and make them appear as realistic as they can get.

Dolby Digital support ushers in dramatic sound effects to enhance your entertainment levels.

Setting up this soundbar HTS is easy as it is almost ready for installation, straight out of the box. The color-coded connections make your job that much easier. If your TV does not support Bluetooth, you can connect these speakers using optical cables.

The presence of an HDMI ARC connectivity port obviates the need for an external audio cable. Besides, this soundbar system features USB connectivity options to link your smartphones, tablets, and USB sticks. It also provides a charging point option for your device.

NFC technology allows you to stream music instantly from your NFC-enabled smartphones with a mere touch. Bluetooth compatibility is an added attraction.

This Sony HT-RT3 soundbar is a valuable addition to your home entertainment network.


  • One of the easiest soundbar systems to install
  • Amazing sound quality to enhance entertainment levels
  • Remote controlling operations are convenient.


  • It needs a 5.1ch compatible device for you to enjoy the full benefits.
  • You have to contend with long wires when installing the rear speakers.

7. Sony HT-S20R 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar HTS

Your favorite music audio tracks sound better with the Sony HT-S20R 5.1ch HTS as it comes equipped with an external subwoofer connected to wired rear speakers and a 3ch soundbar system.

Dolby Digital compatibility adds a touch of elegance to your acoustic experience as it guarantees the reproduction of high-quality sound. The 400W sound output should seem perfect to bring a cinematic experience to your drawing-room environment.

Setting up this HTS does not require any unique expertise as it comes in a ready-to-install position out of the box. You can use the HDMI ARC connectivity option on your TV set to connect this audio device. It enables you to control the volume operations using the TV remote.

Bluetooth connectivity enables you to connect your smartphone and stream music seamlessly without using wires.

This soundbar offers high convenience levels as you can switch between different modes at the touch of a button. You have a choice between various listening modes, like Auto, Standard, Cinema, and Music.

This Sony soundbar HTS is an ideal appliance to have in your drawing room as it enhances TV sound to deliver a movie theater-like experience.


  • Good quality bass and surround sound effects
  • Wall mounting is possible.
  • A range of connectivity options


  • HDMI cable is not available as part of the package.

8. Blaupunkt SBW100 120W Wired Soundbar

Enjoy German technology at its best when you install the Blaupunkt SBW100 120W wired soundbar in your living room. These speakers sound loud and clear, especially when it comes to modern Indian homes having modest-sized rooms.

The 6.5-inches subwoofer provides the perfect bass to enable you to enjoy high-quality music as you enjoy your favorite A R Rahman shows in full glory. The HDMI ARC connectivity port available on your smart TV should be the ideal connecting point for this soundbar.

Besides the HDMI ARC port, this soundbar offers additional connectivity options, including USB ports, AUX input, and Bluetooth compatibility.

The LED display on this soundbar adds to the attraction quotient while enhancing your convenience levels. Operating this Blaupunkt SBW100 soundbar should not be an issue as it comes equipped with a fully functional remote controlling option.

The sleek European design adds charm and increases the glamour quotient by matching your room’s ambiance. The EQ mode allows you to choose sound modes that suit your mood.

One of its striking highlights is the side-firing woofer to add to the surround sound effect and ensure a cinematic experience.

If you love heavy bass along with loud volume, the Blaupunkt SBW100 is perfect for your home.


  • Wall mounting feature helps save space.
  • Compatible with all smart TVs
  • Gamers would love the sound quality.


  • It becomes challenging to know if you have reached peak volume because it does not indicate the volume level properly.

9. JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar

When it comes to setting up soundbars, nothing can be easier than installing the JBL Bar Studio wireless soundbar. It comes with convenient options like HDMI ARC and optical port to ensure that connecting your device to the TV is a one-cable setup.

One of this appliance’s attractive features is that it detects the USB device as soon as it is plugged into the soundbar. The MP3-loaded device starts playing automatically.

The wireless setting eliminates the hassles of having wires all around the place. Thus, your drawing-room looks free of unnecessary clutter.

Bluetooth compatibility enables you to connect your smartphone to the soundbar and start playing content comfortably from anywhere within the Bluetooth range. Another exciting feature is that this soundbar is designed to work with almost all the top TV remote controls. Hence, operating this appliance is easy.

With the JBL Bar Studio soundbar, you are assured of JBL Signature Sound as you stream your favorite musical content to the speakers wirelessly.

The absence of wires adds to its glamourous appearance as it gels with your room’s ambiance perfectly. If you look forward to a minimum fuss when listening to music, JBL Bar Studio wireless soundbar perfectly fits the bill.


  • Wireless connections add to its overall charm.
  • JBL Signature sound enhances entertainment levels.
  • Works with almost all TV remotes


  • The absence of an external subwoofer affects sound quality.
  • 30W PMPO sound is a bit on the lower side.

Buying Guide For Best Soundbar in India

Buying a soundbar is never easy, especially when you are doing it for the first time. While you have an incredible range of products on display, you have to contend with the latest technologies.

Hence, it becomes imperative to have someone to guide you through the entire buying process. This buying guide endeavors to do that as we dissect the procedure and consider the factors that you understand when purchasing the ideal soundbar for your home.

What is a soundbar?

Before we start with the buying guide, let us understand what a soundbar is and see its functions. A soundbar is a lengthy, slim rectangular appliance having several speakers. It delivers clear sound that a TV cannot otherwise provide.

Hence, you can call the soundbar an excellent TV accessory. It takes your TV viewing experience to the next level by providing the ideal acoustic feel to your amazing HD visuals.

With TVs becoming slimmer by the day, there is not much space available to have powerful speakers. Besides, the competition forces TV manufacturers to concentrate more on the primary aspects and provide a high-quality HD viewing experience. Thus, the acoustic performances take a backseat with almost all the latest TV models coming with speakers not delivering more than 30W output.

As a TV purchaser, it is a better proposition to go for a separate sound system in the soundbar to complement the visual experience provided by these high-quality models.

Advantages of having a soundbar

A soundbar provides you with several advantages.

  • These appliances deliver a full and immersive sound experience, with high-intensity bass and treble.
  • These devices come with several functional modes. The Movie mode allows you to enjoy crisp and clear dialogs. The Sports mode gives you a stadium-like feel, whereas the Music mode brings out every note in its full glory.
  • The modern-day soundbars come equipped with several innovative technologies like Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, etc.
  • When you have a good soundbar, you can concentrate on a TV that provides better visuals and let your soundbar take over the acoustic responsibilities.
  • The soundbars that come with wireless Subwoofers provide a cinema theater-like feel to your drawing-room.
  • The soundbar is not as massive as a home theater system but can deliver a parallel performance.
  • These appliances are stylish in their appearances and fit well into any décor as they blend with your other furniture. They come with various mounting options, such as wall-mounting or placing on a table.
  • The best aspect of these devices is that they are affordable and worth every rupee you spend on them.

The benefits listed above should encourage you to go for a soundbar. Here are the points to concentrate on when you decide to purchase a soundbar in India.

The budget is crucial.

Electronic appliances come in a range of pricing options. The soundbars are no different, as you get these devices at prices in an extensive pricing range starting from Rs 5K and extending up to more than a lakh of rupees.

The higher the price, the better and more sophisticated its features are. It is better to be aware of your budgetary constraints before looking to purchase your soundbar. It will help to concentrate on the right features inside your range.

If you are looking for quality and not worried about the price, you have the world at your feet. An excellent range of soundbars is readily available with all the latest technologies and features at your command.

Such soundbars are compatible with the latest sound technologies like Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, DTS, etc. These appliances offer numerous modes, such as movies, games, news, music, etc., that help enhance the overall acoustic experience.

On the other hand, you can go for soundbars that are available at affordable prices. You have these appliances priced attractively at affordable prices ranging between Rs 5K and Rs 20K.

These models might not offer the latest technologies, but they can deliver incredible performances. These appliances might not offer Dolby Audio. They complement your TV viewing experience by providing immersive audio experiences.

The Connectivity Options

With the budget out of your way, you can concentrate on other features available in a soundbar. You have greater flexibility when you have a higher budget, but you get good connectivity options in the budget soundbars.

Almost all soundbars come with a range of manual connectivity ports like Aux, optical, and HDMI. Nearly all TVs today come with these connectivity ports. The HDMI port is one of the best connectivity options you have.

Some of the latest soundbars offer Bluetooth compatibility. Bluetooth can deliver a fluctuating experience because it depends on several external factors, like range, number of obstacles, and signal strength. However, the benefit is that it makes your soundbar a portable device.

The wired connections offer better performance because there are no external disturbances. They restrict your mobility but compensate that with an excellent acoustic experience.

The wired connections are better when you connect to your TV. If you link to your smartphone or laptop, Bluetooth connectivity is preferable.

Size of the appliance and its installation

The soundbar is a compact appliance with an aesthetic appearance. They come in a horizontal bar shape and measure about twice the length of your TV remote control.

Some of the soundbar models feature a wireless subwoofer arrangement. These speakers can be set anywhere in the room to provide a surround sound experience.

When purchasing your soundbar, you should check out its dimensions. Generally, you place these appliances below the TV, especially if you go for the wall-mounting arrangements. Alternatively, you can go for the table-top mode.

It is crucial to note that the size of these soundbars should not exceed your TV’s length.

It can look out of place if they extend beyond your TV. Soundbars having a length less than your TV and mounted on the wall beneath the TVs often go unnoticed. It could look like an extension of your TV.

The wall-mounted soundbar is always preferable, especially if you have a wall-mounted TV. If you place your TV on the table, you can set your soundbar adjacent to your TV. Placing your soundbar in front of your TV is not advisable as it can interfere with the TV’s IR sensors.

If you have a 21 to 32-inches TV, a 12-inch soundbar should be ideal. If you have larger TVs in the range of 42-50 inches screen size, you might need a soundbar measuring 38 to 45 inches. Similarly, a soundbar having a length of up to 50 inches suffices for TVs having screens measuring 50 inches and more.

You should ensure that the soundbars do not spoil your living room’s ambiance but perfectly with the other furniture and electronic items. It is better to install them in such a way that they do not look congested. Besides, they need space to deliver unobstructed sound performance.

Channel and Dolby

As you go through our reviews, you find terms like 2.0 channel and other words like 3.1, 5.0, etc. Let us understand what these numbers signify.

The number before the decimal point indicates the number of channels present in your soundbar. The digit after the decimal indicates the number of subwoofers that come with the appliance.

Thus, a 2.0 soundbar suggests the presence of two drivers/channels and no subwoofer systems. On the other hand, a 2.1 soundbar indicates that the appliance has one sub-woofer besides the two drivers.

The best soundbars today feature Dolby Atmos compatibility. Atmos is a surround sound technology that processes 128 distinct objects in one scene.

Speaker Output

The speaker output determines the sound quality you experience. Generally, the budget soundbars like the one discussed by us in our reviews earlier come with 60W speakers. It should be ideal for the typical Indian drawing-room environment. The expensive ones come with more powerful speakers.

Passive or Active soundbars

Generally, all soundbars are active and come with self-amplification features. All you do is plug the device into a power socket, connect to the source and enjoy your music experience. Passive soundbars are also available on the market.

Such appliances require an external amplification unit for them to function. These devices need an amplifier or AV receiver to power them and receive the source signal. Such soundbars usually connect using the standard speaker cable.

Remote Control Unit

Rarely does any electronic device come today without a remote controlling option. Soundbars also come with their specialized remotes that allow you to control the device from your couch.

These remote-controls come with various options that you can operate at the touch of a button. Besides adjusting the volume, these remote-controls allow you to increase the bass/treble and enhance your audio experience to the next level.

Today’s soundbars come with a universal remote that also allows you to control and operate your Blu-ray players.

Equalizing Modes

The top-end soundbars feature various equalizing modes like Movie Mode, News Mode, Music Mode, Games Mode, etc. These modes help you to enjoy the TV output better. For example, you can listen to the dialogs better when you use the Movie Mode on the soundbar as you watch movies/programs on TV.

The Sports Mode gives you a stadium-like feel with crowd applauding sounds, etc. The Music Mode emphasizes aspects like bass and treble to bring out every note to the fore.

We have considered various aspects that could make it convenient for you to purchase the best soundbars for your home. However, some doubts can persist. We shall look at some questions that frequently come to mind when buying electronic appliances like soundbars.

Get the best out of your soundbar

The choice of your soundbar should match the room size. Besides, if you plan to connect your TV to the soundbar, you should ensure that the soundbar does not extend beyond your TV. If so, it is advisable not to mount the soundbar below your TV. It can spoil the ambiance.

Though soundbars are compatible with Bluetooth, they are not reliable connections. You can experience disturbances with Bluetooth connectivity if there are obstacles like walls or furniture between the soundbar and the source device.

It is always a lovely idea to connect your soundbar to your TV using an HDMI cable. Besides, you should ensure to mute the TV speakers when using the soundbar.

Can I play music and other content from my smartphone on the soundbar?

Yes, it is entirely possible to play content from your smartphone on the soundbar. Both these appliances are Bluetooth compatible. You can pair both the devices and have a great time listening to your favorite songs from your smartphone on the soundbar to get a theater-like surround sound experience.

However, you should note not to move away from the room with your smartphone because the Bluetooth connectivity can get disconnected. Bluetooth connectivity works only up to a specific range.

How are soundbars different from home theaters?

Soundbars and home theaters are as different as chalk and cheese. The home theaters are massive audio equipment that comes with a range of speaker options.

They are more potent than the soundbars. Besides, home theaters can be expensive. On the other hand, soundbars are available for prices as low as Rs 5K.

Soundbars are compact equipment that offers better space management than home theaters.

Do you always need subwoofers with soundbars?

No, it is not essential to have subwoofers with soundbars. These appliances come with inbuilt speakers to deliver excellent performances.

The top-end soundbars feature subwoofers that come as separate arrangements connecting with/without wires. It is not a necessary accessory for providing excellent output. However, if your soundbar comes with one, they can prove useful to boost low-frequency sounds.

How is a soundbar different from a soundbase?

A soundbar and soundbase are two different pieces of equipment. The soundbar is a narrow appliance usually placed in front of the TV or mounted below it. On the other hand, soundbases are flat and come in a pedestal-like design. You can set your TV directly on top of the soundbase.

Compared to the soundbars, the soundbase is a thicker appliance. Hence, it has bass drivers inside. They do not need a separate subwoofer. Soundbases are useful when you have issues with managing space. The discreet design makes it easy for you to place the TV on top of it.

The Best Soundbars available on the market

Soundbars are available in a fantastic price range, starting from as low as Rs 5K and going up to as high as nearly Rs 200K. Isn’t it surprising? Yes, you have soundbars from brands like Mi available below Rs 5K with excellent features.

The low-end Bose soundbars are available at around Rs 20K, whereas the top-end Bose devices cost nearly Rs 80K.

You have Sony and Yamaha soundbars available over Rs 100K. The Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar costs almost Rs 200K. These high-end soundbars come with the best technologies to deliver the most exhilarating acoustic experiences you can ever hope to get.

Is it possible to operate the soundbar without the remote control?

The remote controlling option is one of the most convenient to operate the soundbar. It becomes more attractive because the soundbars generally come with a universal remote.

You can control other devices like your Blu-ray players using the same remote. However, it is also possible to control your soundbar without a remote. These appliances come with manual control options on them.

Where can you buy the best soundbars in India?

Soundbars are available in almost all electronics shops. You can also purchase these appliances online on eCommerce websites like Amazon.

Now, it should not be an issue to buy the ideal soundbar and enjoy a theater-like acoustic experience in the comforts of your drawing-room. It is high time you purchase one and enhance your entertainment experience to another level.

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