One lakh is an excellent budget to have when purchasing a TV. It is a rarefied budget that not many people go for. As you do not have such budgets every day, you can take your sweet time to decide on the features you need in your TV.

Again, you have an extensive choice in this pricing range. You can look at some of the best models from top-selling brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, etc.

TVs in this range have to be the best, but selecting the ideal one for your home can still be a challenge. Our buying guide endeavors to make it easy for you by explaining the various aspects to concentrate on while investing close to Rs 1 lakh on a television.

Here are some excellent models available in this pricing range. You can look at the features and decide for yourself.

1. OnePlus 55-inches Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV 55Q1IN Pro

The title itself conveys a lot of info on the features to expect in this OnePlus Q1 series TV. It is the perfect combination of imagination and intelligence you can hope for in this comfortable budget.

This OnePlus TV has it all, QLED, Gamma, Color Magic, HDR, and Dolby, to provide a range of features like super resolutions, noise cancellation, dynamic contrast, and many more.

Dolby Atmos technology with 50W 8-stereo speaker set up takes your acoustic experience to an exalted level. This TV comes with a sliding soundbar to deliver high-quality sound and complement the fantastic visuals.

Android OS makes it a comfortable smart TV to operate. Oxygen Play enables you to search for your favorite content from a massive content catalog. Besides, you have features like VOD, TypeSync, QuickApp Switch, Smart Volume Control, and Screenshot facility.

The OnePlus remote comes with minimal buttons to perform all the functions.

This 55-inches TV offers a QLED display with a high color range of NTSC 120% to ensure that the visuals are always crisp and saturated. Gamma Color Magic feature can mesmerize you with its stunning picture reproduction.

Dolby Vision redefines your viewing experience altogether, whereas HDR broadens the color range to the next level.

Besides being able to access a fantastic range of OTT apps, this smart TV comes with features like inbuilt Chromecast, Google Assistant, and Google PlayStore to deliver a holistic home entertainment experience. The OnePlus Connect app allows you to control and operate the TV using your OnePlus smartphone.


  • Brighter screen with vivid color reproduction
  • An easy-to-use smart TV
  • USB type chargeable TV remote


  • SD upscaling features unsatisfactory

2. Sony Bravia 55-inches 4K Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV, 55X8000H

Sony Bravia TVs are available in different screen sizes in various budgets. This model is a 55-inches smart TV with outstanding features to justify its price tag.

The X80H Series offers vivid color pictures with high-quality surround sound.

The X1 4K HDR processor does the hard work to deliver a higher level of color, contrast, and clarity. The 4K X-Reality Pro feature ensures to upscale all content, even if filmed in 2K, to as close to 4K as possible using a unique 4K database.

Android OS allows you to explore a massive range of OTT entertainment apps from Google PlayStore. Google Assistant will enable you to use your voice to communicate with the TV and enjoy movies and TV shows instantly.

Motion Flow XR 200 makes it easy for you to watch fast-paced action sequences. Thus, it is an ideal TV for playing your latest online games. This feature works by inserting additional frames between the original ones to ensure better continuity.

Features like Triluminos Display and Dolby Vision compatibility take your TV viewing experience to the next level. This Sony Bravia TV is CalMAN Ready, whereby users can enjoy the highest quality of videos with color-calibrated accuracy.

Sony Bravia TVs deliver excellent audio with the X-Balanced Speaker providing the surround effect. Dolby Atmos support enhances the sound quality to offer precise multi-dimensional acoustic performance.

This TV is compatible with AirPlay. Hence, you can connect your Apple devices and watch movies and other content from your iPhones and iPads on the large TV screen. Alexa support is available to control channels, volume, and other aspects of your Sony Bravia.

This TV ranks at the top on the aesthetics front with its slim blade stand, concealed cabling features, and narrow bezels. The X-Protection Pro feature is common in all Sony Bravia TVs. It protects your appliance from moisture, dust, lightning, and power surges.


  • Exceptional picture and sound quality
  • High-class smart TV features
  • Video Upscaling feature is an added attraction.


  • Bluetooth connectivity is not available.

3. Samsung The Serif Series 55-inches 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA55LS01TAKXXL

The Samsung Serif Series is a purist’s delight in many ways. The exquisite design and the unconditionally beautiful exteriors can fit anywhere in your home. You can place it almost anywhere and enhance the decorative quotient.

The 360-degree design looks beautiful from front-to-back and side-to-side. You can also go for the I-shaped design to attract everyone. The detachable floor stand allows you to move it from one room to the other conveniently.

This TV works on Samsung Quantum Dot Technology to bring 100% color volume. The HDR10+ support feature adjusts the brightness depending on the surrounding.

This TV features an Ambient Mode+ that allows you to change the settings and transform the TV to how you like it to be. Staring at blank screens are a thing of the past as you can incorporate inspiring patterns on the screen to match your home décor.

This Samsung TV offers the services of multiple voice assistants like Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant. This smart TV provides access to a massive-curated content list from the hundreds of broadcast and streaming channels.

Multitasking is possible on this TV as you can split the TV screen to what’s on your smartphone along with your TV content simultaneously. The Active Voice Amplifier feature clarifies voices on the screen so that you do not struggle to understand them when watching movies.

Connect your smartphone to the TV by tapping your phone on the TV sides. NFC feature allows you to listen to your favorite music from your smartphone and other compatible devices.

Other excellent features available on this Samsung TV includes the PC Mode, where you can use the TV screen as a computer, and the Music Player Mode, where the entire screen converts to a music control system. You can connect to Home Cloud and work on office documents on this TV. Besides, you can stream live content from anywhere using the Live Cast feature.


  • Exquisite design and commendable features
  • High-quality pictures and sound
  • Incredible smart TV features


  • Wall Mount is not available.
  • You need sufficient space in the room to accommodate this TV.

4. Samsung 65-inch Wondertainment Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV, UA65TUE60AKXXL

Samsung Wondertainment Series TV is available in various sizes and different budgets. This 55-inches TV can take your entertainment experience to the next level.

This TV features a Crystal 4K UHD display to ensure optimized color expression. 4K resolution and HDR support make this TV one of the best in its niche, as it delivers sharp and crisp images while offering a spectrum of colors and visual details.

The Ambient Mode allows you to do away with the blank screen and include a photo of your choice to blend with the interior décor. The Crystal Processor 4K optimizes high contrast ratio and masters HDR.

You have an army of multiple voice assistants like Bixby, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa at your beck and call. The Screen Mirroring feature ensures that you watch content from your compatible smartphone on the large TV screen. You can have an incredible gaming experience in the Game Enhancer Mode.

This Samsung TV is the ideal one to have, especially when you are working from home. It doubles up as a computer where you can work on office documents. The Home Cloud offers the perfect space to store your files and documents automatically.

If you are bored working or watching TV, you can convert the TV screen into a virtual music player to enjoy high-quality music on the TV. If you are at a live music concert and wish to let the home folk enjoy the music, you can cast images from the show live on your TV using the Live Cast feature.

Besides, you can access a massive list of curated apps. The best aspect is that you can get your favorite content without having to open an app.


  • Quick and fast booting
  • No bleeding effect and high contrast ratio
  • Excellent smart TV features


  • The OS needs an overhaul.
  • Features like Full Array Dimming are missing.
  • The motherboard is not available in the warranty.

5. Sony Bravia 55-inches 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV, 55X7500H

Sony Bravia X75H Series allows you to enter the Android TV world with beautiful pictures and high-clarity sound. The X1 4K processor redefines the TV viewing experience by using advanced algorithms to cut noise and boost details.

This TV offers Super-resolution with 4K X-Reality Pro, a feature that upscales all content, even if filmed in 2K to 4K resolution using a unique 4K database.

The Android OS allows access to more than 5000 apps that include the most popular ones like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and many more. Google Play compatibility brings the entire Google entertainment arena at your feet.

Voice assistants like Google Assistant allow you to explore new worlds with this Sony Android TV. Other smart TV features include an inbuilt Chromecast feature to cast content from your smartphone on the TV screen.

If you love to watch action-packed scenes, this TV is the ideal one to have. Motion Flow XR feature inserts additional frames between the original ones to maintain better continuity. Thus, you get a blur-free cinematic look.

The Triluminos Display reproduces a wider and more precise color range to enhance your visual experience.

Clear Phase Audio is excellent for balancing the sound frequencies to deliver smooth and undisturbed sound. The Bass Reflex Speakers give a boost to the bass without compromising on clarity.

This smart TV works with Google Home for seamless and hands-free control. You can cast videos on the TV without lifting a finger. The dedicated Netflix button available on the remote control allows you to get started with your movies with just one button.

This Sony TV’s highlight is the narrow bezel design that gives it a luxurious look. The X-Protection Pro feature protects the TV from external elements like dust, moisture, humidity, lightning, and power surges.


  • Outstanding picture quality with excellent sound
  • Brand reputation
  • Incredible smart TV features


  • System updates consume more power.
  • Users have complained of Wi-Fi disconnection issues.

Buying Guide For TVs under Rs One Lakh

One feels that it should be easy to choose a TV under Rs 1 lakh because our comfortable budget allows us to explore various options. However, it can be equally challenging because we might choose between features like LED and QLED.

Samsung 4K QLED

Yes, QLED TVs are available in this budget range, but OLED TVs are still out. Anyway, here are the characteristics that one should concentrate on when having such a comfortable budget of around a lakh rupees.

Experiment with larger screen sizes

You can quickly bid the TVs with screen sizes below 50-inches a cool good-bye, as you have the necessary dough in your arsenal to go for screen sizes 55-inches and above. You have a 65-inches OnePlus TV available in this budget.

One must concede that it is a massive piece. Besides, quality brands like Sony and Samsung offer 55-inches TVs. Therefore, the first thing you should ensure is that you have enough space in your living room to accommodate these massive TVs.

An incredible choice of display and resolution

The One lakh budget allows you to look beyond the standard LED TVs and move into the QLED realm. Samsung has introduced QLED (Quantum Dot LED technology) TVs to deliver high-quality color contrast. QLED has its benefits as follows.

  • You get to view more vibrant and accurate colors
  • Higher peak brightness
  • Improved contrast ratio
  • Thinner and lighter panels with an extended lifespan
  • Energy efficient

OLEDs are still out of reach as TVs with these panels cost much more than Rs 1 lakh.

4K resolution is the minimum standard for TV in this price band. You have Sony TVs coming with features capable of upscaling 2K content to 4K resolution. Though we do not have enough 4K content available on the internet, having a 4K TV is always handy because of the highest clarity levels.

Truly Smart Features

With the technology available today, every TV is a smart TV. Even the TVs that do not come with Wi-Fi connectivity can be converted to smart TVs using specialized devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Reliance Jio Fiber set-top box, etc. All you need is a dedicated HDMI connectivity port.

TVs in our budget come with all smart TV features like high-quality processors, adequate RAM and storage, user-friendly OS, and facilities to cast content from other compatible devices.

Samsung TVs offer the facility to use your TV as a PC monitor and work on office documents downloaded from the cloud. You can connect your wireless/wired keyboard/mouse to the TV and edit the documents.

Saving and uploading the documents is also possible on the Home Cloud. Besides, you can always mirror your laptop on the TV screen.

All smart TVs come with voice assistant compatibility. TVs in our range feature multiple voice assistant support. You can use the services of Alexa, Google Assistant, or even Bixby to communicate with the TV.

They make searching content easy as you do not have to struggle with the remote to type out the content.

Depending on the OS your TV supports, you can access OTT apps to enhance your entertainment experience. Android OS is better than the others because it offers more apps for downloading on Google Play Store.

However, apps like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc., come as pre-loaded apps. Generally, the TV remotes have dedicated buttons that allow easy access to the app.

Other Interesting Features

Sony TVs come with exciting features like Motion Flow XR, XR 100, and XR 200 to make it comfortable for you to watch action-packed scenes. This technology involves inserting additional frames between two original picture frames to maintain the continuity effect.

Samsung TV screens can be converted to a virtual music system. You can control the bass, treble, and all musical operations using the TV screen.

Expect much improved audio features

We always feel that the manufacturers compromise on the audio quality as they improve visual experience and TV aesthetics. However, TVs in this budget deliver excellent audio performances with better speakers, Dolby Audio support, DTS Virtual X, and other specialized features.

OnePlus TV offers the facility of a sliding soundbar attached to the TV. This device enhances audio performances to the extreme level because the soundbar includes eight speakers to deliver a maximum audio output of 50W.

Connectivity is the key.

The more expensive the TV, the more advanced are its features. These televisions come with a range of connectivity ports, including Optical Ports, HDMI, USB, LAN connections, etc.

Besides, all TVs feature in-built dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. The only drawback is that some TVs do not support Bluetooth.

Improved aesthetics enhance your living room ambiance.

When you go for a TV in this budget, you should have sufficient room to accommodate huge TVs. The Samsung Serif Series TVs are the most attractive of the lot because they come with portable features. You can place the TVs anywhere you want.

Samsung 8k QLED TV

Samsung TVs feature Ambient Mode that eliminates the requirement of having a blank dark screen in front of us. You can upload your favorite photos from your library and set it as the screen saver. It helps to enhance the living room ambiance to an entirely different level.

Final Words

We have discussed almost all the critical aspects you need to concentrate on when purchasing a TV under Rs 1 lakh. Now, it should not be a problem to choose the best TV to adorn your drawing-room wall. Our product reviews should help you understand the functioning of these TVs better.

What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite TV and get ready to take your excitement to the next level.

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