TV technology has come a long way from the days the television used to be an ‘idiot box.’ It used to be a uni-dimensional entertainment avenue depending on the official broadcaster for its content.

In simple words, the user did not have any choice of what to watch. Gradually, cable television changed the concept as it offered options to people. However, it was also a controlled environment.

Today, we have smart TVs capable of dishing out excellent entertainment from anywhere in the world. As a result, every Indian home has at least one TV, if not more.

With televisions becoming cheaper, more people started affording them. Today, you have an exciting range of TVs available in budgets as low as even 25K.

Here are some excellent models in this price band. Subsequently, we shall look at factors to consider when purchasing a television under Rs 25,000.

1. OnePlus Y-Series 43-inches Full HD LED Smart Android TV 43Y1

With OnePlus smartphones being expensive, it is surprising that OnePlus TVs are available at such cheap prices below Rs 25K. These televisions come with similar qualities that combine imagination and intelligence to deliver a high-quality TV viewing experience.

The OnePlus 43Y1 comes equipped with a Gamma engine to optimize your video content in real-time and produce unmatched quality visuals to bring your experience alive. The fascinating visuals with a high color range of DCI-P3 93% featuring a 20% wider color gamut is a treat for your eyes.

Besides an exquisite visual experience, the OnePlus Y431 offers compelling audio performance with its rich and powerful, immersive audio features. The 20W box speakers work on Dolby Audio technology to deliver excellent sound quality that users will enjoy.

This TV works on the Android OS platform with features like Google Assistant to enhance your comfort and convenience levels. The Oxygen Play feature allows you to access content from an expansive library from its premium content partners.

The OnePlus Connect app allows you to sync content from your smartphone to the TV using the Quick App Switch. You can share your life memories with people you love using the Shared Album feature.

The Integrated Content Calendar option lets you stay updated with your favorite TV shows and movies through automatic reminders.


  • The picture quality is excellent.
  • It is an excellent model available at such an attractive price.
  • This TV offers a fantastic range of content.


  • The TV takes some time to boot.
  • The TV disconnects from Wi-Fi and reconnects on its own, at times.

2. Mi TV 4A PRO 43-inches Full HD Android LED TV

Mi TV 4A is one of the few models available in the 43-inches screen size in the Rs 25K budget. This TV offers Full HD resolution to enable you to enjoy your favorite content in stunning quality. It provides an ideal balance of contrast and brightness, with the TV reproducing authentic colors and excellent clarity.

This Mi TV runs on the Android 9.0 OS, whereby you get the advantage of Google apps like Google Assistant and others. The built-in Chromecast features allow you to cast your favorite movies, music, and other content from your smartphone on the big screen.

The PatchWall 3.0 offers content from more than 20 content partners, including Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, Netflix, and others.

Google Data Saver Pack allows you to access the smart TV features using your smartphone’s hotspot connection. You can thus stream movies and watch up to three times more video on your Mi TV.

The powerful 64-bit A53 quad-core processor comes equipped with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. The 7th generation imaging engine reduces noise to deliver professionally calibrated picture quality in every frame.

This TV possesses two powerful speakers to deliver 20W output with DTS-HD sound to match the visuals and ensure high-quality entertainment.


  • Excellent picture quality with good sound system
  • Android Smart TV with incredible features at a low price
  • Google Voice Search is a convenient option.


  • Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are not pre-loaded apps.
  • Choosing the default TV mode is not possible.

3. Vu 108cm Full HD Ultra Android LED TV 43GA

Vu TV is another low-cost TV that offers an excellent smart TV model in this budget range. Besides offering smart TV features, this TV provides an ultra-viewing experience at your home.

This TV features a pure Prism panel to deliver high-intensity color definition and accurate white balance for immaculate viewing, even in daylight.

The Android Pie 9.0 OS provides access to the entire Google ecosystem, like Play Store, Google Games, Google Movies, etc. The 8GB internal storage feature allows you to explore more content with the official Android OS.

This TV remote feature specific OTT hotkeys to make it easy for you to access apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. Thus, you can access your favorite content with a single touch of a button.

The Vu TV enhances your viewing experiences using the Adaptive Contrast with Digital MPEG Noise Reduction feature. It helps darken dark areas and brighten the light areas to see more details.

The Dolby Multi-stream Decoder decodes all universal audio content. DTS Studio Sound provides an immersive surround sound experience to boost the human voice frequency and enhances dialog delivery.

The Gaming Mode allows you to enjoy the latest games on the large screen. The Cricket Mode brings home the stadium atmosphere by providing 100% ball visibility. Google Chromecast with Bluetooth connectivity allows you to cast movies and other content from your smartphone on the TV screen.

The powerful 64-bit quad-core processor and 4-core GPU offer a seamless performance for functioning and streaming your favorite content.


  • The picture and sound quality are good.
  • All the pre-installed apps work fine.
  • Play Store provides innumerable options.


  • Phone mirroring suffers lag.
  • The processor seems a bit slow.
  • Amazon Prime Video is not a pre-loaded app.

4. Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition 43-inches Full HD Android LED TV

Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition is one of the most attractive TVs around with a bezel-less design. The immersive Horizon Display and the vivid picture engine delivers a captivating viewing experience. The quintessential display tech offers a 178-degree viewing angle to provide a distortion-free viewing experience.

This Android TV delivers an excellent PatchWall experience as you access hundreds of apps on the Play Store to binge on your favorite TV content. The Universal Search option remembers which content piece is on which platform. Thus, you do not have to worry about this matter.

It offers excellent modes like Live News mode to bring an incredible range of news channels in a single app. The Kids mode allows your children to watch cartoons and play as many games as they want on this TV.

PlayStore offers a massive collection of apps to help you experience something new every time. Google Assistant enables you to search for your content easily using voice commands. You can cast content from compatible devices on the large TV screen using Google Chromecast.

The 20W stereo speakers and DTS-HD combine to deliver an excellent acoustic experience. The Mi Quick Wake feature resumes your shows in five seconds to enhance your convenience levels.


  • This TV displays incredible picture quality.
  • It has one of the best outward appearances amongst its peers.
  • One of the easiest TVs to install and use


  • Users have complained of connectivity issues at times.
  • It does not offer Bluetooth support.

5. Onida 43-inch Fire TV Edition Full HD Smart LED TV 43HIH1

The Onida Tv Fire TV edition is India’s first Fire TV Edition. You can connect it to Wi-Fi and enjoy an exquisite smart TV experience by accessing a fantastic range of apps like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, Sony Liv, and many more.

Besides, this smart TV also enables you to control smart IoT devices like your AC, etc.

Amazon Alexa compatibility allows you to find your favorite channel by using voice commands. Alexa also helps to launch apps, search for titles, play music, and control smart home devices.

Display mirroring is an excellent feature that allows you to mirror photos, videos, and games from your smartphone to your TV.

The multi-core processor enables faster web browsing, smoother interaction, and comfortable multi-tasking. This TV features 8GB internal storage and 1GB RAM to enjoy high-quality content without compromising the speed.

Besides accessing the various OTT apps, you can browse and watch Live TV content such as news and sports events. This TV features a range of connectivity apps, like Wi-Fi and LAN.

USB and HDMI ports allow you to enjoy movies, photos, and music from your compatible devices. Bluetooth connectivity allows for a seamless viewing experience.

Amazon Alexa enables you to control numerous smart home devices and allows you to turn on/off lights and set the ideal AC temperature without getting up from your couch.


  • This TV has all the features of the Amazon Fire TV stick.
  • You get excellent picture quality at a low price.
  • Sound quality is average but external speakers are necessary for bass.


  • This model does not feature an audio jack.
  • The TV takes time to boot.

Buying Guide For TV under 25,000

TVs are available in budgets ranging from as low as Rs 15K to even more than a lakh. As the prices go upwards, so do the features. Depending on your budget, you should look for the relevant aspects of the TV.

This buying guide for TVs under 25000 concentrates on things you expect your TV to have.

Screen Size

With technology improving by the day, you have TV screen sizes up to as large as 43 inches in TVs in your budget range. If you go for the reputed brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung, you might have to settle for smaller sizes.

Display Resolution

Today, you do not have CRT and Plasma TVs. Almost all the TVs available in this pricing budget are LCD/LED TVs. You should note that advanced displays like OLED and QLED are not available in this budget range.

When it comes to screen resolution, you can go for Full HD or HD Ready resolution. The difference between FHD and HD Ready is the number of pixels.

FHD comprises 1920x1080p, whereas HD Ready is 1366x768p.

Thus, you can see that FHD is twice as better as HD Ready resolution. It is not possible to go for higher resolution like 4K and higher.

Refresh Rates

A refresh rate of 50Hz to 60Hz is the standard for Indian TVs. Generally, it should be sufficient for your regular TV viewing. You need higher refresh rates only for graphics-intensive activities like playing games.

However, some models in this budget range feature Game Mode that allow you to play games. HDMI connectivity allows you to connect your X-Box and other gaming consoles to the TV.

Smart TV Features

Today, you have smart TVs available even under Rs 20K. The reputed brands do not offer these features in TVs in this budget range. However, models like OnePlus, Mi, Vu, and Onida have smart TVs available under Rs 25K.

When it comes to smart TVs, almost all TVs in this range come with Android OS. It is one of the most user-friendly OS available on the market. With Android, you get various features like Play Store, Google Assistant compatibility, access to Google Games, etc.

Besides, you have access to thousands of apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ Hotstar, etc.

Smart TVs allow you to browse the internet in the same way you do with laptops and PCs. These TVs work on powerful quad-core processors with 1GB RAM and up to 8GB internal storage. Hence, these appliances are excellent at multi-tasking. Some of these televisions come with quad-core or dual-core GPUs.

Features like Chromecast and Screen Mirroring are also standard on smart TVs. These in-built features allow you to cast content from your smartphones and other compatible devices on the large TV screen.

Smart TVs connect to the internet using Wi-Fi. Some TVs also allow internet connectivity through smartphone hotspots. Even if your TV is not a smart TV, it is possible to use Amazon Fire Stick and private connections like Reliance Jio Fiber set-top box.

Another excellent feature you should note in smart TVs is the availability of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. These features enhance your convenience levels as you need not type out the program or channel name on the search bar.

Your remote comes with a microphone that allows you to communicate with the TV. These voice assistants do the hard work for you by presenting you with the right options.

Connectivity Options

One of the critical aspects to look for in TVs under 25000 is the number of connectivity options it offers. As we have TVs with screen sizes up to 43-inches, these TVs come with a range of connectivity ports, including HDMI, USB, optical, etc.

Besides, these TVs also come with LAN cable ports and in-built Wi-Fi connectivity. Some models feature Bluetooth compatibility.

You can connect smartphones and other compatible devices through these ports. Soundbars and home theater systems require HDMI ports. Therefore, your TV should have as many HDMI ports as possible.

Audio Features

TVs are becoming slimmer by the day. Hence, it can be challenging for these TVs to include robust speaker systems. Besides, budget constraints require TV manufacturers to compromise on the audio quality as they concentrate on providing high-quality visual experiences.

Generally, the televisions in this budget range come with 20W speakers to provide decent audio experiences. Some models come with Dolby Audio compatibility, and DTS-Virtual X features to provide a surround sound experience.

You can always connect external audio devices like soundbars and home theater systems to enhance the audio experience to a different level. Your TV should have HDMI ports, or these devices should have Bluetooth compatibility.

However, one should note that wired connections are better than wireless connectivity like Bluetooth. There can be obstacles and disturbances in wireless connectivity that could affect the overall performance.

Remote Control

A remote is a common TV-controlling appliance available with all TVs and electronic devices today. However, smart TV remotes are unique because they come with additional features like dedicated buttons to allow you to access the particular app directly. Generally, these remotes come with Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video selection options because these are the three most commonly watched apps in India.

Some TVs like LG feature a magic remote that allows you to control and operate multiple devices. These remotes can also manage smart TVs and other IoT home devices that connect to them.

Television models like OnePlus are compatible with smartphone apps. You can control the TV’s operations through these apps. As your budget keeps increasing, so too the features available in TVs.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a TV online/offline is not an easy task today because you have a plethora of options in front of you. Hence, these buying guides and product reviews prove useful as it enables you to concentrate on the critical aspects alone. Now, it should not be a challenge to purchase your budget TV under Rs 25K.

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