50K is an excellent budget to have for a TV. When you have smart TVs available at budgets as low as even 20K, your current budget allows you to look for advanced features and plump for quality reputed brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, etc.

The advantage of having a reputed TV brand model is that it guarantees high quality. Besides, reputable brands offer excellent customer service with higher warranties and better exchange options.

You can expect TVs in the 50K pricing band to come with outstanding features, thereby making it doubly challenging to decide which one to buy.

This buying guide endeavors to make it easy by explaining the aspects one should focus on when investing such high amounts in televisions.

Meanwhile, let us understand the features available in these TVs in the 50K bracket by reviewing some excellent models available on the Indian market scene.

1. LG 55-inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV 55UM7290PTD

LG UHD TV with AI ThinQ provides four times the resolution of an FHD TV to ensure that you get a quality entertainment experience in your drawing-room. The 4K IPS display delivers realistic images while offering you the freedom of a distortion-free experience from the widest of angles.

4K Active HDR supports multiple HDR formats like HDR10 and HLG to deliver stunning images in absolute 4K resolution and vivid colors. DTS Virtual X ensures that you get the high-quality sound to complement the incredible visual experience.

This smart TV works on a robust quad-core processor that aims to eliminate picture noise and create more dynamic color and contrast. The True Color Accuracy feature identifies the minutest color difference to reflect sharper and realistic images.

LG’s WebOS is a user-friendly operating system and considered better than Android by many. You can have your heart’s fill of movies and TV series on channels like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime.

This LG TV comes equipped with Apple Airplay 2 to enable you to connect your Apple devices to it. The user-friendly Home Dashboard displays all the information on a single screen and allows easy access to all your connected devices remotely.

Bluetooth support is available on this TV. Hence, you can connect your Bluetooth headset or HTS/soundbar wirelessly and have a great time. Use the services of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa without having to connect any external devices.


  • Excellent value for the money you spend
  • Incredible picture quality
  • Easy-to-use UI


  • Though it has DTS Virtual X compatibility, sound needs improvements.
  • Magic Remote has to be purchased separately.

2. Samsung 50-inch Wondertainment Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV UA50TUE60AKXXL

You can trust Samsung to take your entertainment experience to the next level with its Wondertainment UA series. Crystal 4K UHD delivers perfect picture quality as it optimizes color expressions to the maximum.

Compared to FHD TVs, this TV with 4K resolution offers sharp and crisp images. HDR compatibility allows you to enjoy an incredible color spectrum. The Ambient Mode is the highlight of this TV, where you project your photos on the TV screen and decorate your space.

This smart TV comes equipped with a crystal processor 4K to optimize high contrast ratio and master HDR. Controlling the TV operation is easy using multiple voice assistants like Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The Game Enhancer Mode enables you to play graphics-intensive games on the large TV screen seamlessly. The Personal Computer Mode allows you to use the TV as a PC and work on documents using Office 365. You can store your documents on Home Cloud automatically.

This Samsung TV comes equipped with Tizen OS and offers access to an exciting range of entertainment apps, including Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. Other smart TV features include Screen Mirroring and Live Cast.

This TV features a sleek remote that allows you to search your favorite content from your set-top box, game console, or live TV.


  • Picture quality is of the highest order.
  • Different modes to cater to your varied requirements
  • Game Enhancer mode simplifies the playing experience.


  • The UI is a bit sluggish.
  • Audio performance is not satisfactory.
  • The performance of voice assistants needs improvement.

3. Sony Bravia 43-inches 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV 43X7400H

This 50K budget ensures that you do not have to take chances with lower-priced TVs. You can rely on high-quality brands like Sony for your daily dose of entertainment. This Bravia TV offers a combination of the power of the X1 4K processor and Android OS.

The X1 4K processor ensures more vibrant colors and a realistic experience. 4K HDR support lets you get closer to remarkable clarity.

The Triluminos Display offers an exciting color range to enhance your viewing experience.

Motion Flow XR feature enables you to watch action-packed sports and movie scenes with sharp details. 4K HDR gaming lets your favorite games come to life with incredible picture quality.

With features like Bass Reflex Speakers, Clear Audio+, Dolby Audio, 5-Force Front Surround, and Clear Phase Audio, you experience a complete audio performance on this Sony Bravia TV.

This smart TV features Android OS and offers free access to Google Play Store to download your favorite apps. Google Assistant is readily available to provide its services. The built-in Chromecast feature enables you to cast content from your smartphone on the TV screen seamlessly.

Watching your favorite movie channels is never an issue because of the specific remote hotkeys for Netflix and YouTube.

The narrow bezels enhance the elegance factor to a different level. The Slim Blade Stand adds to the attraction by concealing the cables effectively. The X-Protection feature protects the television from power surges, lightning, moisture, dust, and humidity.


  • Classy looks and incredible performance
  • Android OS offers an excellent range of entertainment apps.
  • 4K videos look amazing on this TV.


  • Users have complained of difficulty in connecting to Bluetooth.

4. Vu 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

Vu is one of the lower-priced TV models available in the market that offer excellent performances like Ultra Edge display and 30W sound. The 4K display provides 40% enhanced brightness with accurate white balance to enable an incredible experience, even when watching it in bright daylight.

The noise-cancellation technology reduces unnecessary noise and delivers a customized viewing experience. The Ultra-sonic sound system with 30W box speakers and Dolby Audio offers an excellent acoustic experience.

The presence of specialized OTT hotkeys allows you to access your favorite channels comfortably. This TV comes preloaded with high-quality apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube, among others. You enjoy all the advantages of Android Pie 9.0 OS on this TV.

The ultra-thin bezel-less design contributes to its aesthetic appearance and enhances the living room ambiance. Dolby Vision and HDR10 combine to deliver high clarity levels. DTS Virtual X and other features like TruBass HDX and TruSurround X improve the audio performance to the next level.

The 4X graphic engine ensures an immersive 4K Ultra HD experience. Vu Cricket Mode brings the stadium experience to your living room by offering 100% ball visibility.

This TV comes with advanced features like Ultra-Secured Parental Block to prevent your children from viewing inappropriate content. The Pro-Picture Calibration Mode helps customize your preferences and deliver high-quality performance.


  • Aesthetic appearance adds glamour and grace to your living room.
  • Excellent performance on all counts.
  • Exquisite smart TV features


  • Users have experienced bugs in the OS.

5. Mi TV 4X 55-inch Ultra HD Android LED TV

Compared to its counterparts from Sony, LG, and Samsung, Mi TVs are priced lower, but they are equally good when it comes to matching performances.

This Mi 4X TV comes with features like 4K HDR to bring true to life colors. The Vivid Picture Engine delivers high-quality color vibrancy and exquisite color accuracy.

This TV supports Dolby Audio and DTS HD to complete your entertainment experience. It delivers exceptional sound through its two 10W speakers.

The Android 9.0 OS opens up an extensive range of entertainment apps, like Prime Video, YouTube, Zee5, Sony Liv, and Netflix. You can browse the massive content catalog and watch the best of originals, classic movies, and the top TV series and news channels.

The PatchWall experience is unforgettable as it enables easy access to trending content from all apps on a single screen.

Mi Data Saver Pack is a unique feature that lets you use your smartphone’s hotspot connection to access smart TV features. Google Assistant offers its services to make for an enjoyable experience.

The inbuilt Chromecast feature allows you to watch content from your smartphones on the 55-inches TV screen.

You have a range of themes to choose your favorite. If you are a news fanatic, you will love this TV as it comes with an exclusive Live News mode to broadcast all top news channels.

The latest Amlogic Cortex A53 processor enables efficient data processing. The extensive range of connectivity ports allows connecting your compatible smart devices comfortably. The Mi Remote is most comfortable to use as it supports Bluetooth 4.2 and low-energy dual-band Wi-Fi.


  • Full value for the money you invest in this TV
  • Incredible picture quality
  • One of the lowest-priced 55-inches screen TV


  • PatchWall needs an update.
  • The speaker system needs an overhaul.
  • Not the best of after-sales service on offer

Buying Guide For Best TV under 50,000

When you have a Rs 50K budget, people feel it should not be challenging to select the ideal TV. However, it is not so as you have an excellent range of TVs with spectacular features that make it more attractive.

Here are some features you should love your smart TVs to have.

Bigger The Screen Size, the better it is

Your comfortable budget allows you to experiment with various screen sizes. Mi TVs are available with 55-inches screen size in your budget, whereas stalwart brands like Sony does not offer anything more than 43-inches.

You have an LG brand with a 55-inches model, whereas Samsung offers a 50-inch TV in this budget. However, the picture quality and display resolution matter more than screen sizes.

4K Resolution is the norm

You can start looking beyond the FHD screens when you have the dough to spend in the Rs 50K price bracket. 4K resolution should be your ideal pick.

Besides offering four times the resolution as compared to FHD, you enjoy greater clarity with HDR compatibility. 4K and HDR compatibility together ensure an out-of-the-world viewing experience.


Almost all the TVs in this range support multiple HDR formats, including HLG and HDR 10.

OLEDs are still far away

It can be tempting to go for QLED and OLED displays when spending up to Rs 50K on your TV. However, OLED and QLED are still out of reach of your budget. You have to be satisfied with LED panels.

Play around with refresh rates

Though gamers would love to have refresh rates up to 144Hz, the standard norm is 50Hz to 60Hz. It should suffice to deliver high-quality images. However, if you love gaming, you can try out the TVs with higher refresh rates. They are available in this 50K budget.

Audio Performances remain the point of contention

With TV manufacturers trying to cut corners because of extreme competition, the only area they can compromise is the audio performance.

As TVs get slimmer and more attractive, you do not have much space to include powerful speakers. Hence, the maximum you get is around two speakers of 10W output each. Vu TV offers 15W speakers, but that is not enough to deliver a compelling acoustic performance.

The way out is to connect to external systems like HTS or soundbars. If you need privacy, you can always go for Bluetooth-enabled headsets.

TVs have become smarter by the day

No one would like to spend up to Rs 50K and end up with a non-smart TV. So, every TV in this price bracket is a smart TV that connects to the internet through your domestic Broadband connection.

These TVs come with a range of different operating systems, depending on their brand. LG TVs feature WebOS, whereas Samsung TVs work on the Tizen OS.

Sony and other brands like Mi and Vu offer Android OS. Performance-wise, there is not much to distinguish between the different operating systems.

The WebOS might be one of the most convenient to use, whereas Tizen OS has its minor issues. Android OS is the best as far as accessibility to different apps is concerned. Android offers the benefits of Google apps like Google Play Store, Google Games, and Google Assistant.

You have an extensive range of apps available for download on the Google Play Store.

In comparison, WebOS and Tizen OS do not have much variety. However, all TVs in this budget come with popular apps like YouTube, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc.

Other smart TV features to look for are screen mirroring, Chromecast, Live Cast, etc. These features allow you to connect your smartphones to your TVs and enjoy content from the phones on the large TV screen.

You can also check out the processors on these smart TVs. Usually, these appliances feature quad-core processors with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. The TVs that feature unique game enhancer modes also feature quad-core or dual-core GPUs with shared memory.

This RAM and internal storage should enable your TVs to multitask well. However, some TVs do show lags in performance. It could be because of poor Wi-Fi connectivity at your end.

Connect to other smart devices

TVs usually come with excellent connectivity options in the form of multiple HDMI ports to connect to devices like home theaters, soundbars, cable set-top boxes, laptops, digital cameras, etc.

They also feature USB ports to connect with your smartphones and other USB drives like MP3 players.

Besides, you have the standard inbuilt Wi-Fi connection. Some TVs also feature LAN connection ports to enable wired access to the internet. Bluetooth compatibility is also available in almost all TVs in this price bracket.

However, you should note that Bluetooth is not the most stable of all connectivity options. Obstacles like walls and furniture can affect Bluetooth signals. These signals work in a specific range of usually 10 meters. If your device is beyond this range, you can experience disturbances.

Wall Mounting is the best option

The TVs with large screens are heavy equipment. Hence, it is better to have wall mounting facilities. You have the option of placing the appliance on a table, but it can occupy a lot of space.

The wall mount is the best option available to you. Generally, wall mounting will require professional assistance. You should note that the installation fees are always additional and have to be paid separately.

Check out the warranty and after-sales customer service

Almost all TVs come with a one-year warranty. The reputed brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung offer reliable after-sales services.

You cannot say the same about other brands like Mi and Vu. However, you can always go through the customer reviews on Amazon and Flipkart to get an idea about the after-sales customer services on offer.

Final Thoughts

The points discussed above should suffice to educate you about the features to expect in TVs in the 50K price bracket. You can now proceed with purchasing your favored brand immediately online. We have discussed various TV models to give you sufficient insight into the subject.

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